Pediatric Dentistry in Belleville, NJ

A Lifetime of Beautiful Smiles Begins at Belleville Pediatric Dentistry

Step into our child-friendly environment at Belleville Pediatric Dentistry, where dental health and comfort for your little ones are our top priorities.
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Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Pediatric Dentistry

Trained to Treat Kids
Our dentists and staff really know how to make kids feel comfy and happy at the dentist. We've studied extra, so we're super good at treating little teeth!
Proactive Prevention
We love teaching kids and parents how to keep teeth healthy from the start! With simple procedures and easy check-ups, our team helps avoid bigger tooth problems later on.
Oral Health & Development
Guiding young smiles to health as they grow with expert pediatric dentistry and orthodontics, our practice serves as a compass for your child's lifelong dental well-being.
Kid-Friendly Environment
Our space is designed for kids to feel safe and entertained, complete with activities and a welcoming vibe, making dental visits a breeze for everyone involved.

We are a team of Talented & Highly Qualified Dentists in Belleville, NJ trained to make a big impact on small smiles!

We Offer Everything your child needs to develop a Healthy Smile

Your Local Kid's Dentist: We're All Smiles Here at Belleville Pediatric Dentistry!

From our child-friendly design to our caring staff, we go the extra mile to ensure both parents and children feel at home.


What Parents Are Saying...

“So happy I found this dentist close to home, very, very clean. The staff are always so nice and full of good energy. My daughter and I love it here. I highly suggest bringing your kids here. Definitely 10/10!”
Natasha L.
“I have two toddler-age children, and I travel a few towns over to this pediatric dentist. Why?! Simply, I love how welcoming and thorough the staff is, not only to me, but my little ones. I had gone to my local pediatric dentist and was put off by the wait for no patients as well as the rushed feeling thereafter without trying to make the visit easy on the child. Belleville Pediatrics is great with kids! We have been doing check-ups going on two years and would definitely recommend!”
Roman A.

“Dr. Tabari is absolutely amazing. She is comforting and caring when it comes to making children feel so comfortable. She did an amazing job with my daughter. She was caring, understanding, and absolutely just awesome. I couldn’t ask for anything better, and my daughter loves her. She is very funny and loves to sing! Thank you for everything.”

Krizia K.
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New Location!

To better serve our patients, we are excited to announce the opening of our new location, Wayne Children’s Dental. You can schedule your appointment today by calling 973-658-8000. We look forward to hearing from you!